Cloud Services for Level 3 customers

Cloud9 have platforms spanning multiple Level 3 data centres in the UK, from where Cloud9 deliver a full suite of Cloud Services. This allows Level 3 data centre customers to connect directly to the Cloud9 platform to consume services.

Cloud9 and Level 3

Cloud9 have been working closely with Level 3 for a number of years to deliver Cloud Services to Level 3 customers. As a major tier 1 provider running 50% of the world’s Internet traffic, Level 3 are a major global telco provider. Having Cloud Services available directly from Level 3 Data Centres makes is easy for customers to consume the services they need, from Cloud Infrastructure Services, Private or Hybrid Cloud, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Platform as a Service or Back-up and Disaster Recover.


Agile Cloud Services for Level 3 customers

Cloud9 is a feature-rich Cloud Services platform, delivering high-performance services to you and your users. With Cloud9 you get all the benefits of Cloud, delivered on a consumption basis over the Level 3 network. Deployed from multiple Level 3 Data Centres ensures low-latency load-balancing, and network level fail-over options.


Big Data and Analytics

Cloud9 can also support High Performance Compute (HPC) and Big Data requirements, delivering Software Defined Storage along with database and scheduling tools such as Hadoop, Hive, Cassandra and NoSQL.


Application Vendors ISV – SaaS delivery

Cloud9 help Application Vendors deliver a SaaS model to their end user customer through highly optimised designs. This spans multiple data centre environment around the world; with geo-routing, content distribution network options, clusters database structures and advanced monitoring for application and user performance. This ensures our Software Vendors can deliver high SLA’s with a consistent user experience.


Back-up as a Service

For many Level 3 customers, they have servers that require a back-up. With Cloud9 being directly on the same network and potential the same Data Centre, this can be as simple as a cross-connect between our racks. Cloud9 can then push your encrypted back-up data (bare-metal, hypervisor, virtual machines, databases or files & folder) to a secondary secure facility. With our advanced Cloud Reboot solution, you can restore from back-up directly to a Cloud9 Server.


Cloud Servers

Cloud9 can deliver Infrastructure or Platform as a Service in a Private or Hybrid Cloud environment. This can be as managed Cloud Services, up to and including the Operating System patching. Our team of experts can either provision raw resources to you (CPU, RAM & Storage) for you to build out your environment(s) using System Centre 2016. Alternatively, we can build the environment for you, maintaining the Servers and managing the Firewall rules on your behalf.


Utilise existing IT services and our Cloud9 platform to deploy applications, create DevOp’s environments, spin-up services or infrastructure on demand

State-of-the-art environment, build on HPE Blade, 3PAR and Synergy architecture, deliver 99.999% available, up to 3m IOPS and sub 1ms latency

Multi purpose storage solutions with enhanced security, auto cloud restore or full Business Continuity with load-balanced always on architecture.
Benefit from on-demand cloud data centres, providing a variety of ways to scale your resources quickly and easily, and contain budget expenditures.

Create distributed environments, with various hypervisor, create networks, machines and services according to your ever changing needs

As experts in Cloud Servers, Desktops and Storage, our highly optimised platform can be consumed on your terms.

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