Powerful Cloud Platform

Cloud9 provides all the IT your business needs over the Cloud, entirely removing all your hardware and simplifying management, maintenance and control, providing you and your business with great flexibility. We replace all your servers and computers with our high-speed cloud servers and virtual hosted desktops, giving you remote access anywhere!

All your data, files and software are hosted in our UK central network operations centre and securely delivered over the internet to small, lightweight and highly efficient desktop terminals or to the device of your choice.

By removing hardware, Cloud9 will drive out cost and give you complete freedom.

Outstanding Features

Cloud9 enables immediate access to emails, files, databases and applications, whether on the road or in another time zone.

With Cloud 9 you can save up to 75% on IT costs, since it replaces your desktop computers and servers with fast cloud technology.
Choose from a variety of bundles providing different amounts of CPU, memory, and storage according to your needs.

Because most of its IT infrastructure is virtual, Cloud9 enables your organisation to expand (and contract) quickly and efficiently.
With a few clicks, you can provision the number of desktops you require and simply pay a monthly charge for what you use.

Enjoy 24/7 support and maintenance at the click of a mouse, allowing you to further reduce expenditure on support staff.

Experience the freedom of not worrying about any hardware or installing complex software. Let us take care of IT!

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Switching To Cloud9

Make The Choice
Tell Us What You Need
We Will Provision You
Your Cloud9 Is Set

Cloud Servers

Our virtual servers are built to order and have the flexibility to cater for your business, whether big or small – from next generation dedicated servers, to virtual performance cloud servers, we’ve got you covered.

Cloud9 servers are built in a fast and high-performance infrastructure, that will provide the highest quality of security, flexibility, operation, and scalability, no matter your needs, and at a cost-effective basis.

Cloud Services

A secure, superfast and reliable portfolio of cloud services that are limitless and scalable to instantly adapt your cloud solutions to exactly what your business needs, at exactly the right time.

Our cloud services are unlike any other provider out there today. We have taken the leading industry vendors on both hardware and software and created a true hosted desktop environment that’s individually packaged for your business requirements.

Who We Are

Cloud9 is a product wholly designed, created and owned by us, Innovate Limited – a leading IT solutions provider since 2003. We deliver a comprehensive range of IT Consultancy, Systems and Support to businesses throughout Europe.

QualityWe believe in taking responsibility for our clients IT systems and provide a tailored support package which plans and predicts the needs of your business, ensuring that you are always one step ahead.
ExperienceThrough our constant involvement in the development of new key technologies, Innovate is ideally positioned to offer strategic advice to its clients for emerging technologies such as cloud computing.
AbilityWe develop long–term strategic partnerships with our clients so that they achieve their business objectives, and ensure that the correct technology is in place and provide the right support.

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