Cloud Servers


Our virtual servers are built to order and have the flexibility to cater for your business, whether big or small – from next generation dedicated servers, to virtual performance cloud servers, we’ve got you covered.

Tailor-made for your business computing needs

Choose from our range of cloud hosted servers, and either a single server or a multiple configuration including quality cloud features that ensure security and steadfastness. To top that, you can customise major components of your service, like memory size, number of cores and storage limit, as well as choose to have installed any applications you need in your cloud.

These are some of the exclusive benefits you can get from cloud computing services, which provide enhanced quality, and greater reliability and scalability at a reduced cost that you can monitor and control.

From next generation dedicated servers, to virtual performance cloud servers, and software installations of your choice, all at no up-front cost.
Choose your cloud server’s configuration depending on your exact needs. Customise computing options like cores, memory, and storage.
Always updated and monitored to ensure highest levels of operation and dedication to your solutions, whatever the requirements.


Cloud9 servers are built in a fast and high-performance infrastructure, that will provide the highest quality of security, flexibility, operation, and scalability, no matter your needs, and at a cost-effective basis.

Our cloud infrastructure can be customised according to your specific requirements, and can be upgraded at the click of a mouse, to guarantee your applications and services are up-to-date and working at top rate, when you need them.

And, with the added flexibility of our service, there are limitless possibilities to customisations and software installations. We build your cloud solution to order, configuring all of the components and features you need, ensuring you have complete unrestricted access to the resources you require, at any time.


Fully Hosted in The UK

Your servers will remain in our UK hosted data centres, removing the need for on-site servers, reducing your expenses and increasing flexibility. Our network operations centre is built to withstand all man-made and natural disasters.

Wold Class Components

Cloud9 servers offer excellent satisfaction, using VMware, an industry leader virtualisation tool, combined with superior hardware. The cloud hardware we offer is exclusively designed and built by the best industry leaders such as HP.

Always Up To Speed

Web pages will load faster for eCommerce customers, your databases will get high IOPS and applications streaming large volumes of video and media files will experience low latency when you run your applications.

Outstanding Security

Our high-speed broadband services use the latest state of the art encryption and your data is continuously backed up. You will also get important protection against internet threats, so your servers will be fully protected and fully available ’round the clock.

Simplified Support

You’ll get 24×7 Support from our team of experts, all year, every year. We will run your cloud operations, provide operating system and application support, and monitor your servers with regular check-up.

Beyond Traditional

Because Cloud9 servers are next generation technology that offer far more resources than traditional servers, you can expect superior quality and reliability. This also means your servers will be more cost-effective if compared to traditional hardware servers.

Learn more about our Cloud Servers

Get in touch today to find out how Cloud9 can take care of your business.

Features and Services

All Cloud9 servers include a comprehensive set of first-rate features and services, that will enhance deployment and upgrade your operations at no additional cost.

  • Customised to your component requirements
  • Fully and easily scalable
  • 24×7 UK based expert support
  • 24×7 Power and Internet protection
  • Continuous data backups
  • Hardware and software maintenance
  • No upfront investment required
  • Reduced bills and lower carbon footprint
  • Convenient monthly pricing
  • Pay only for what you use
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