Disaster Recovery as Service (DRaaS)


Downtime for your business is disastrous, that’s why we ensure 100% business continuity with our Cloud9 Disaster Recovery as a Service; a cloud solution that is simple, cost-effective and tailored exclusively to your needs.

Cloud Recovery That Ensures 100% Uptime

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) from Cloud9 ensures your business is always on, even in the event of a disaster. Our industry leading service guarantees 100% uptime. It removes the cost of a secondary or off-premise DR facility; infrastructure, support, licensing and maintenance. DRaaS from Cloud9 acts as a dedicated, bespoke managed DR services, located on our cloud platform, accessible anytime, anywhere from any device.

We understand that your applications and data are fundamental to your business, which allows for no downtime. We will take care of all the demands, time and energy required to handle a completely reliable disaster recovery plan, reducing budget costs and pressure on your team.

Seamless integration with no application modification or onsite hardware required.
Replication tools and capacity to fully invoke DR within 15 minutes.
Cut traditional disaster recovery costs and pay only for what you use.


Our DRaaS solution is designed to completely support your business in time of a DR incident, according to a strict recovery time objective (RTO). Cloud9 DRaaS can reside in our datacentre environment or in any highly secure facility of your choice.

We offer developed and refined tailored DR solutions that significantly reduce implementation and maintenance requirements and provide an enhanced recovery experience against traditional methods. Additionally Cloud9 has ensured layers of security to maintain the highest levels of protection and service assurance. Our recovery solutions deliver the reliability that your critical data and applications demand without the time and cost requirements of traditional recovery methods.

Added to the fully tailored-made features, Cloud9 has ensured layers of security available and a wide experience supporting industries.


Always On

Your data and applications will always be up and running. In the event of a primary site failure, your business will continue to operate as normal from the Cloud9 DRaaS environment for guaranteed business continuity.

Ultimate Flexibility

Cloud9 allows you to scale up and down at the click of a mouse, offering immediate adapting to any business changing demands and guaranteeing improved performance with a consistent service.

Fully Managed

Cloud9 provides world-class Service Management and Support. Our team of experts monitor and manage your platform 24×7, ensuring the highest levels of SLA and fully-managed recovery service for your business.

End-to-end Data Protection

Cloud9 uses the latest state of the art encryption to ensure data integrity. Your data is continuously backed up and stored for your peace of mind. You will also get important protection against internet threats.

Total Coverage

We will run your Cloud9 DRaaS solution, provide DR support, and monitor your services with regular check-up. Our team of experts are always on ready to provide assistance whenever a disaster may occur.

Save on Costs

With DRaaS there is no need for investing in dedicated infrastructure, appliance, support, management and maintenance of your cloud system. And with a flexible monthly cost model, you will pay only for what you truly need.


Learn more about our Disaster Recovery service

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Features and Services

All Cloud9 DRaaS solutions include a comprehensive set of first-rate features and services, that will enhance deployment and upgrade your operations at no additional cost.

  • 100% High-speed uptime
  • Customised to your exact requirements
  • 24×7 UK based expert support
  • 24×7 Power and Internet protection
  • Fully and easily scalable
  • Continuous data backups
  • Hardware and software maintenance
  • No upfront investment required
  • Convenient monthly pricing
  • Pay only for what you use
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