VDI as a Service – Become Agile

Benefit from VDI as a Service with Cloud9, a leader in VDI for Windows environments.


Cloud9 deliver highly optimised, secure and robust VDI environments to organisations of all sizes; major financial service institutes to SME’s. All benefiting from our highly optimised VDI environment. Delivering true Agility.

Integrated VDI as a Service Running Entirely In The Cloud

Benefit from VDI as a Service, have your desktop and files available online at all times, allowing you to access your work applications and data securely from anywhere in the world, and whenever you need to. Regardless of your office environment size, Cloud9’s VDI as a Service can increase business efficiency, save time and space, whilst reducing your total ICT costs.

Your VDI as a Services is a virtual windows desktop, that runs within our cloud environment rather than on a local PC, it looks and feels exactly the same but has a number of significant benefits. The main ones being; your Windows Desktop will always work, all your users subscribe to your Golden Image which is centrally managed, massively reducing support and improving user experience.

All you need to access your desktop is an active internet connection, a monitor, keyboard and a mouse. Your can access your data securely over any device, making our Hosted Desktops an efficient and secure solution for your business computing, bringing exclusive benefits. We provide you with a Zero Client devices, used to access the Cloud9 VDI as a Service environment.

Choose all the applications you need installed in your Cloud9 VDI environment.
All Cloud9 VDI environment provide the latest Microsoft Windows® experience.
All Cloud9 VDI Windows Desktops include Microsoft® Office Professional.

Reap The Benefits of VDI as a Service with Cloud9

Our VDI as a Service is unlike any other provider out there today. We’ve taken the leading industry vendors on both hardware and software and created a true VDI as a Service environment that’s individually packaged for your business requirements and designed to deliver the benefits you need.

With Cloud9 VDI as a Service, your users won’t even realise they are running a remote, cloud based windows desktop, the performance is on-par with a local machine. Often  with quicker boot-up times and more controllable performance. With our VDI as a Service, you also benefit from being able to allocate additional resources (CPU, RAM, SSD) to specific users or user groups.

Cloud9 VDI as a Service environment are often deployed with application or file & print servers. VDI environments can span multiple data centers and run in an active / active design.

Fully Customisable
Fully Managed

Superior Convenience

Enjoy remote access of your virtual windows desktop anywhere in the world with an internet connection and on any device. You don’t have to worry about procuring or deploying hardware or installing complex software to deliver a desktop experience to your users.

Fully Managed IT Support

You’ll get 24×7 Support from our team of experts, all year, every year. Cloud9 takes care of all the heavy lifting of managing hardware and software, and tasks such as patching and maintenance, enabling you to deliver a high quality desktop experience to your users.

Reduced IT Costs

Replacing your windows desktop computers and servers with high performing, robust and scalable cloud infrastructure, Cloud9 VDI as a Service removes the need to purchase expensive hardware. Alongside, you will get Microsoft Office Pro software suite with free upgrades.

High-Availability and Fully Backed Up

Our highly optimsed, low latency cloud network will ensure your Cloud9 services are up and running at all time, so you can always access your virtual desktop and data.

Guaranteed Data Security

When users are using Cloud9 VDI as a Service, your organisation’s data is not sent to or stored on end-user devices. The VDI protocol  runs as an encrypted secure session, reducing risk of data loss, physical fire or theft and improving Business Continuity.

Enjoy Ultimate Freedom

Because our VDI as a Service uses superior cloud technology to provide its user experience, this will allow you to significantly reduce your hardware and even remove the need for on-site servers, leading to great saving on energy bills and IT costs. You’ll also reduce your carbon footprint.

Mobile Device Ready

Connect to your business files and applications on any mobile device. You can access your Cloud9 virtual windows desktop on your iPad, Kindle Fire, Android Tablet and smartphone, for added convenience and efficiency. 

Features and Services

All Cloud9 Hosted Desktops include a comprehensive set of first-rate features and services, that will enhance deployment and upgrade your operations at no additional cost.

  • Includes the latest Windows® and Microsoft® Office
  • Choose the applications you want installed
  • Hardware and software maintenance
  • Scale users up or down on demand
  • Fully hosted and maintained in the UK
  • Choose the version of Microsoft Office you wish to use
  • 24×7 UK based expert support
  • No upfront investment required
  • Convenient monthly pricing
  • Pay only for what you use

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