Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)


Create a sharper and more dynamic IT infrastructure that can adapt to ever-changing demands.


Cloud9 Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), offers cost-effective and easily scalable IT solutions for your enterprise needs, removing the complexities and high expenses of managing and supporting underlying hardware. No matter the scale of your business operations, if they contract or expand, Cloud9 will provide you with the cloud resource you need, as and when you need it. Completely simplify your IT by eliminating the tasks of purchasing, installing and integrating any hardware or software.

Cloud9 provides infrastructure management tools and analytics to better manage your virtual environment, this includes the ability to auto-scale, manually configure, or automate resources through API calls. Furthermore Cloud9 can deliver shared, dedicated or hybrid solutions with the ability to overflow or load-balance across multiple Cloud9 platforms.

IaaS will provide your enterprise with infrastructure by deploying internal business networks, such as private clouds and virtual local area networks. These utilise pooled server and networking resources in which your data is stored. Scale your infrastructure in accordance with business need.

Consistent cloud power and high-speed network for unmatched performance; with a 99.99% SLA.
Choose from a variety of options for a dynamic cloud solution.
Cloud9 fully managed IaaS is a superfast, fully customisable service you can integrate into your business.

Make your business better with a flexible IT infrastructure


Cloud9 infrastructure solutions allow you to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Our IaaS network removes the need of large expenditures and capital outlay associated with IT infrastructure.

IaaS from Cloud9 removes disruption caused by constant moves, adds or changes to IT. By utilising Cloud9 IaaS, your business can focus on delivering core service to users and customers, without the headache of managing infrastructure projects or continually applying for additional budgets.

Fully Managed


All the underlying physical hardware that supports your IaaS service is set up on our fast cloud platform, and maintained by our team of IT experts, saving you time and cost. We will easily provide your IaaS solution through the Internet.


We will run your cloud operations, provide infrastructure support, and monitor your services with regular check-up. Our team of experts is always on ready to help your business whenever you need assistance.

Global Availability

You can access your Cloud9 service remotely from any location, anytime you need to, with a working Internet connection through our cloud protocol. You don’t have to worry about procuring or deploying hardware to deliver your service.

End-to-End Data Protection

Our cloud solutions use the latest state of the art encryption and your data is continuously backed up and stored in our cloud platform for your peace of mind. You will also get important protection against internet threats.


Cloud9 provides world-class Service Management and Support, meaning our team of experts will monitor and manage your platform 24×7 to offer an integrated and fully-managed backup service for your business.

No Single Point of Failure

Our high-performance cloud network ensures your service will remain unaffected in the event of a fail or disaster. Your IaaS service will still run successfully and your business will remain on, for guaranteed uptime at all times.

Learn more about our IaaS

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Features and Services

All Cloud9 IaaS solutions include a comprehensive set of first-rate features and services, that will enhance deployment and upgrade your operations at no additional cost.

  • Highly available and accessible
  • Easily and simplified scalability 
  • Customised to your specific requirements
  • 24×7 Power and Internet protection
  • Fully hosted and maintained in the UK
  • Global data accessibility
  • 24×7 UK based expert support
  • No upfront investment required
  • Convenient monthly pricing
  • Pay only for what you use
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