Cloud9enterprise extends UK data center hosting locations with Level 3 Communications

Running Cloud9 services directly from Level 3 data center locations ensures high speed and low latency cloud services directly from the Level 3 network

Working with Level 3 Professional Service, Cloud9 are supporting Level 3 colocation and data center customers by providing additional Cloud Services to them from two UK Level 3 data center locations.

Providing Cloud9 directly on the Level 3 network benefits Level 3 data center and colocation customers by providing the additional cloud services they need, from storage, DR, VDI as a Service, cloud infrastructure, managed private or hybrid cloud.

This also benefits Level 3 Communications as Cloud9 consume more colocation services as do Level 3 customers who see the combined solution as more strategic and streamlined by providing

  1. High performance Cloud Services to Level 3 colocation and data center customers from key UK locations, with the support of Level 3 Professional Services
  2. Private, Hybrid DevOps and Production environments, suitable for SaaS, IoT, media and gaming platforms
  3. Geographically diversity to the Cloud9 footprint
  4. Deliver Cloud Services and media distribution services to Level 3 CDN customers

The Level 3 data centre network lends itself well to high bandwidth and process intensive customer requires due to be sat directly on the Level 3 network with diverse feeds and high bandwidth between locations, this ensures we can offer latency dependant solution and network level fail-over.

Working closely with Level 3 Professional Services give us access to the Level 3 customer base, who often require more than the stand colocation services offered by Level 3 Communications. We’ve seen great demand for Cloud9 services which has led to a higher consumption of Level 3 connectivity and colocation and end customers with a Cloud Specialist providing the services they need.