Connected WorkSpace

From traditional hardware to a simplified, always-on virtual IT infrastructure

Transform your IT experience

Connected WorkSpace from Cloud9 offers a single, tailor-made, fully managed portfolio of Cloud services that include integrated apps, email, data storage and backup, disaster recovery accessed as a coherent whole from any device via any connection.

Transform the way your business IT is delivered by replacing your traditional ICT hardware with a high speed, secure, always-on virtual IT infrastructure.

Fully provisioned, managed and monitored IT services that are fully tailored and customisable to provide you with workspace cloud solutions, quick and easy. Access applications, manage services, monitor usage and access support through a single cutting-edge interface.
You won’t need IT experts or an IT support team, making provisioning and usage simple and easy. We will provision all services, so you can simply scale usage up and down, use applications, manage clients, and access business files all via any device on an Internet connection.
With its flexibility and adaptability in technology and a fully automated and personalised fast cloud IT service deployment, Connected WorkSpace will make tasks, service scalability, application delivery, and support needs effortless and available virtually in an instant.
Improve productivity and performance with the best IT and Communication services. Connected WorkSpace provides high-speed and fully reliable cloud-based IT services that will empower your business to generate more revenue without the need of additional resources or costs.

An Enhanced IT Experience

Cloud9 Connected WorkSpace brings together an exceptional selection of the best products, services and capabilities – all managed through a single, self-service interface.

Your Cloud infrastructure, platforms, software and services are all provisioned, managed, monitored and supported, simplified and fully-tailored to your exact business requirements.

Get Connected WorkSpace today!

Let Cloud9 simplify your IT needs and provision you with the very best cloud solutions.

Features and Services

All Connected WorkSpace solutions include a comprehensive set of first-rate features and services, that will enhance deployment and upgrade your operations at no additional cost.

  • Fast 100% uptime
  • Easily and simplified scalability 
  • Customised to your requirements
  • Simple and fast Interface
  • Continuous data backups
  • Global data accessibility
  • 24×7 UK based expert support
  • Data recovery and power protection
  • Hardware and software maintenance
  • Pay by user and by usage
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