Hybrid Cloud Computing & Storage

Cloud9 Hybrid Cloud Computing & Storage provides customer with  System Center 2016, to control both Onsite and  Cloud9 services. This ensures a single view of your entire Compute & Storage estate, to simplify management, transition  and monitoring.

Hybrid Cloud Computing

Simplify the deployment, configuration, management, and monitoring of your compute infrastructure and virtualised software-defined data centre, while increasing agility and performance, across hybrid compute and storage environments.


Agile, Private Hybrid Cloud Computing

Cloud9 is a feature-rich Cloud Services platform, delivering high-performance services to you and your users. With Cloud9 you get all the benefits of a shared cloud platform, in a Private, Hybrid architecture with the ability to choose the level of management and support you require.

With Cloud9 you can quickly and easily deploy the compute and storage services you need as and when you need them. Utilising System Center 2016 as the management interface, you retain full control. System Center is the same user interfaces used by Microsoft Azure, ensuring a familiar look and feel of our Private Hybrid Cloud Compute and Storage environment. This also ensures standardisation and inter-operability through fully documented and support API’s.


Hybrid Cloud Computing for Big Data and Analytics

Extending your cloud compute environment into Cloud9 with System Center, allows you to utilise pre-allocated resources, build and deploy environments, including various OS types and Application services, including HPC environments.


Hybrid Cloud Computing for Business Transformation

Allows you to maximise the investments made in your existing assets whilst balancing the need to variable performance, or additional services from the Cloud9 platform. This can form part of a strategic long-term move to Cloud Services without the risk of lock-in or loss of visibility.

Utilise existing IT services and our Cloud9 platform to deploy applications, create DevOp’s environments, spin-up services or infrastructure on demand

State-of-the-art environment, build on HPE Blade, 3PAR and Synergy architecture, deliver 99.999% available, up to 3m IOPS and sub 1ms latency

Multi purpose storage solutions with enhanced security, auto cloud restore or full Business Continuity with load-balanced always on architecture.
Benefit from on-demand cloud data centres, providing a variety of ways to scale your resources quickly and easily, and contain budget expenditures.

Create distributed environments, with various hypervisor, create networks, machines and services according to your ever changing needs

As experts in Cloud Servers, Desktops and Storage, our highly optimised platform can be consumed on your terms.

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