Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) – Delivering business agility for leading Wealth Managers Kleinwort Benson

Kleinwort Benson implement Virtual Desktop Infrastructure from Cloud9enterprise for a major desktop refresh.


Their technology had evolved in piecemeal over a long period of time, resulting in high cost of operation and complexity, making upgrades and enhancements costly, timely and challenging; Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) was a natural option.

A new approach to ICT infrastructure was required, Kleinwort Benson needed to become a more agile business to better adapt to an ever changing landscape and to better support employees and customers throughout the world. Existing resources were already stretched and focused on maintaining the integrity and availability of the existing production services. Cloud9enterprise delivered a private Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment, dedicated to Kleinwort Benson.

We had a huge amount of complexity and needed to move to a more agile way of working. Cloud9 has delivered everything we needed, we’ve been very pleased with them as a company and the solution they implemented and look forward to future projects with them.
Andrew Bennett – CIO Kleinwort Benson

1 – Update Desktop OS
2 – Simply Assets
3 – Improve Agility
4 – Reduce Costs
5 – Improve Performance
1 – Optimised Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
2 – Load-Balanced over two locations
3 – Modify RAM, CPU & Storage
4 – Single Golden Desktop Image
5 – ICT Overheads drastically reduced

Cloud9 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Cloud9 built highly optimised Virtual Desktop Infrastructure on a per user model, delivered from 2 existing Kleinwort Benson Data Centres. Run as active/active, either can fully support all users as well as a number of Cloud9 servers used to improve performance and enhanced application delivery.

Kleinwort support staff have access to the Cloud9 management portal to administer virtual desktop infrastructure images and manage users.

This delivery means Kleinwort Benson were able to move 70-80% of their estate from physical desktops to a single golden virtual desktop image for all users. This has a major impact on management overhead, security and updates. It also ensures all users have a consistent experience.

In Desktop Boot Time
In time to implement Desktop Changes
In Helpdesk Support Incidents

Our industry and our business is going through a huge amount of transformation. Moving away from traditional IT to an agile Cloud9 platform is a major milestone in our transformation process.
David Flashman – Head of Transformation Service, Kleinwort Benson

In Desktop Resource
LAN Utilisation and 20% Cloud9 utilisation
Support hotdesking & homeworking

Our service delivery to Kleinwort Benson is a great example of how organisations can transition to cloud services to achieve business objectives, improve productivity and agility.
Michael Owen – Sales Director, Cloud9enterprise

About Kleinwort Benson

For over 200 years Kleinwort Benson has offered private banking and wealth management services to private clients, families, business owners and entrepreneurs, and to institutions including pension funds, endowments and charities.

With around 800 staff in locations in the UK, the Channel Islands, South Africa and Ireland. Kleinwort Benson are part of Societe Générale S.A.

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